eBook: How to Stay OTR Compliant and Still Trade Competitively

A strategic guide to operating on the right side of MiFID II Order to Trade Ratio regulations.

Changes to EU regulations around Order to Trade Ratios (OTR) pose complex challenges, but the fundamentals of what they mean to traders are simple and stark: quote frequently and risk end-of-day violations; quote less frequently and run the risk of losing competitive advantage.

To compete and succeed in an increasingly regulated world, banks, brokers and other trading companies need to change the way they monitor transactions – they need to shift from being reactive to proactive.

Easier said than done when the trading order lifecycle is determined by exchanges that calculate OTRs differently; where firm-wide trading and per-instrument, per- desk activity makes it hard to be definitive in correlating orders and trades.

Download your copy to learn:

  • Why after-the-fact compliance reporting is no longer fit for purpose
  • What is required for proactive and compliant transaction monitoring
  • How to cut through the complexity of meeting requirements of multiple trading venues
  • How advanced analytics makes predictive intraday alerts a reality