Application Analytics

Multi-Tier Transaction Tracking In Real-Time

See end-user experience in real-time and correlate with the performance of firewalls, load balancers, middleware services and application servers. Identify which services are operating normally and which are suffering degradation. This overview of the entire service delivery chain is combined with tracking of every transaction's path through each hop in the multi-tier architecture.

Problem Overview

Operations teams need to understand how their users experience the service. The performance of the service can change quickly - due to extra load generated by users, updates pushed into production by application development teams, and the competing demands of other applications or services on the complex set of shared resources. Outages or brownouts of critical applications can have a significant business impact so rapid identification and remediation are essential.

A stale or incomplete picture of user experience - it's essential to capture all the user transactions and to provide immediate feedback on problems. Traditional monitoring tools are siloed - producing independent reports of server load, database performance, statistics from routers. Without a transaction oriented view of the performance, it's difficult to determine which transactions are being affected and where the problem lies.

Solution Overview

Corvil analyzes every tier of the application in real time - producing aggregate reports on user experience and the performance of individual components or services. Granular drill-down views show the details of individual transactions at any point in the architecture - with a single click providing a multi-hop view of that transaction's path through the tiers.

Corvil passively monitors the packet data flowing through the network for a complete picture of the application activity. A library of standard and customized decoding plugins analyses the network flows seen at each hop to provide a highly accurate time-sequenced decode of every message involved in servicing a user transaction. A rich set of metrics is derived from the raw decodes - covering network performance, application error reporting, authentication failures , etc.

The decoded data and the derived metrics are categorized according to business needs - to report on infrastructural components, transaction types, geographical regions, or groups of users. In addition, Corvil ties together the individual tiers to track transactions as they move through the infrastructure to enable quick isolation of the components that are degrading the service.

Corvil offers a lightweight app agent to extend trouble-shooting to critical sections in the server processing.


  • Proactive alerting from a real-time picture of the user-experience
  • Continuous performance reporting for all the critical components - load balancers, application servers and network services
  • Rapid troubleshooting of user complaints by tracking individual transactions through each processing stage - reporting on response times and any error conditions
  • Establish performance baselines for different transaction types using deep payload analysis
  • Immediate feedback as new application code is deployed into production


  • Automated discovery of applications and servers directly from the network traffic and real-time analysis of all application traffic with zero impact on production systems.
  • Corvil supports a wide range of applications and protocols that support delivery of critical applications: HTTP, DNS, LDAP, middleware, database and storage.
  • Real-time decryption of TLS/SSL application data to provide full visibility even before SSL offload.
  • Overview for complex services through flexible, multi-protocol, multi-tier dashboards to report user experience and to quickly identify overloaded components
  • Distributed analysis across multiple monitoring locations is delivered and managed through a central management console.
  • Corvil Streams can be used to integrate Corvil metrics into existing IT dashboard systems, alert monitors or Big Data solutions. Corvil provides a library of connectors to integrate streams into other systems.