Site Reliability Engineer - New York


Pico is seeking an SRE/DevOps Engineer with a strong focus on modern DevOps and SRE best practices. The ideal candidate will have excellent expertise in automation, operating systems and applying software engineering methods to solve operational problems. With an excellent Linux/Unix pedigree, and excellent scripting/development skills, the successful candidate will be able to solve complex engineering problems through the application of composable tools and modern design patterns and automation solutions. The successful candidate will thrive in a fast-paced environment, will be a capable written and verbal communicator, and will champion the automation and SRE agenda throughout the firm.

Responsibilities and Duties (include but not limited to):

  • Design and optimize OS provisioning tools and automation frameworks to achieve zero-touch provisioning of Linux environments on bare-metal, virtual and/or cloud environments.
  • Drive design and implementation of automation through infrastructure as code approaches, so that both brownfield and greenfield server estates can be managed, secured and operated using modern SRE and DevOps best practices.
  • Bring CI/CD approaches, with an emphasis on automated testing, to bear on OS-level and container-level problem domains.
  • Evangelise the benefits of SRE, DevOps and automation throughout the firm, and champion initiatives that ensure skills transfer and awareness to the rest of the business.
  • Design and implement creative solutions to operations problems, incidents, or outages such that these problems remain fixed and, as a result, operational toil is materially reduced.
  • Ensure scalability, availability, reliability and security is delivered to all internal and client-serving systems

Education, Skills and Background:

  • Strong exposure to infrastructure-as-code toolsets (Ansible)
  • Strong development/scripting experience (Python and Bash)
  • Excellent knowledge of git (rebase, merge, cherrypick, etc)
  • Strong views on CI/CD approaches with proven expertise in implementing these (Gitlab CI, Jenkins, etc)
  • Excellent experience with Virtual Server infrastructure (VMWare, KVM, Nutanix, others)
  • Excellent Linux knowledge (Redhat, CentOS)
  • Excellent knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes, including design, build and maintenance of k8s environments and supporting developers in releasing into k8s.
  • Excellent knowledge of public cloud (AWS), including a strong emphasis on infrastructure-as-code (Terraform, others). Knowledge of GCP and Azure is a bonus.
  • Knowledge of one or more platforms like Kafka/Pulsar, Hadoop, Spark, Elastic, Redis, Cassandra, various SQL and noSQL database platforms is also expected.
  • Good working knowledge of TCP/IP, routing and networking.
  • Good knowledge of API-based environments, (REST, GraphQL, etc)
  • Information Security mindset, with strong grounding in PKI, encryption, network security, OS-hardening and related best practices.


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