Realize the Business Value of Information Visualization with Corvil's iHub Dashboard

You can’t act on what you can’t see, which is why we put powerful data visualization tools at the center of our new solution.

With the launch of Intelligence Hub, Corvil empowers organizations with intuitive analytics, information visualization and machine learning capabilities to get to more value, more quickly from their data. It’s about rapidly delivering unique digital intelligence so that businesses can stay competitive; but it’s also about flexibility, presenting the right data to right people in ways that help them make the most of it.

Visualization tools help people understand complex information more quickly – our brains are wired for fast visual processing. In a business context, that means empowering people with self-service data dashboards that make their jobs easier. The complexity of running a digital business demands a wide variety of insights derived from information on business transactions, customer experience, underlying technology infrastructure and cybersecurity.

Intelligence Hub’s interactive data visualization capabilities make it easier for multiple stakeholders to obtain the value of those insights.

Speed and Convenience

Just to be clear, Corvil is not trying to compete against dedicated visualization tools like Tableau and Qlickviews, which are built to connect to multiple data sources – including data streamed from Corvil. Our goal with Intelligence Hub is streamlining the process of putting critical Corvil-analyzed information in front of the people who need it, when they need it, and how they need it. It’s all about speed and convenience.

Corvil products capture, analyze and learn from network data and the resulting intelligence can be used in many ways, by many different stakeholders. What we want to give customers is a faster way to obtain actionable insights collected, analyzed and learned by Corvil appliances. Shortening the time it takes people in different roles to make more informed decisions improves business operations. And we want to provide a dashboard full of data that can be manipulated in ways that suit different users.

Pre-integration facilitates a more targeted dashboard view than our customers will get from standalone products; one with a rich capability for multi-dimensional analysis, pivoting, and searching. You get all the familiar information tools – pie charts, graphs, bar charts – and a seamless way to turn them into PDFs that can be shared.

More business value

A central pillar of Corvil Intelligence Hub is about presenting information to different users in ways that make sense to their roles and personal preferences. It’s about aligning data analysis and information visualization techniques to different use cases; creating value by supporting specific needs that deliver measurable outcomes.

Different users can cut to the chase with Intelligence Hub’s multi-dimensional ‘data cube’ and they can begin with visually ‘slicing and dicing’ data rather than collecting and cleansing it.

There will be multiple use cases in a single company. In financial trading for example, data dashboards can help traders to help understand who is ordering what product, where it comes from and the market value. Similarly, compliance folks can interactively explore data they need for an investigation or analyze operational metrics to proactively manage risk, while application teams can access before and after metrics to see how their updates are performing.

Enterprise IT operations teams can visualize and correlate details in the data to understand application performance dependencies by region, customer or even transaction type. For example, VoIP communications managers can see call quality by user or site, while network engineers managing the WAN would be more interested in correlating detected infrastructure anomalies to understand their impact on specific VoIP services. The value of the information visualization is in the eyes of the user.

Business value is at the heart of what we’re doing. Organizations might be collecting huge volumes of data but it is not a guarantee of digital intelligence. Data itself has little value until insights are represented and shared in a way that can be consumed and actioned by other people.

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Jasmine Noel

Jasmine Noel, Product Marketing & Sales Enablement
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