Adapting to Satisfy the Moving Target of Business Value

The fascinating thing about business value delivered to customers is that it is a constantly moving target. Today’s businesses move faster than ever and, while there are constants (such as reliability, performance, and security) applying these to changing business environments, new applications and services, shifting customer needs, and voracious data requirements poses an ongoing challenge for operations and technology teams alike.

This is particularly the case when the day-to-day deliverables to line of business teams or executives are intelligence and insight to better support and enable that ever-changing business and customer/user appetite. This is what Corvil’s solutions deliver every day for our customers.

The questions answered, problems solved, tasks optimized, and processes automated by Corvil change over time. Every question answered with our data may lead to more questions and new ways of analyzing data. It means that business value delivery is a journey to greater insight our products enable for with every customer.

Our customers’ journeys tend to have a common starting point – obtaining more visibility into how their networks and infrastructure are performing in support of the employees, customers, and overall business. This may begin with what is happening on their networks as:

The business value delivered at this point on the path is improving operational performance and staff productivity. As Steve Lazzo, Chief Technology Officer at Allston Trading, said:

We remain acutely focused on evolving our trading technology to maintain our strong competitive advantage. Corvil helps us advance our strategic innovation plan by providing real-time visibility across our environment, enabling us to address issues before they cost us time and money, and by allowing us to determine where we get the best return on investment for development.

Since monitoring and managing networks is just the start, Corvil products are architected to continually expand on the value being delivered to the organization. Modular analytics simplify the upgrade path for the next steps on the journey.

The path our customers take from there has many branches, each with their own set of business value metrics, for example:

However, technology capabilities alone do not guarantee successful outcomes along this journey. Info-Tech Research Group commented on this idea in it’s network management report:

When distilled down, the software experience is shaped by both the experience with the software and the relationship with the vendor. Evaluating enterprise software along these two dimensions provides a comprehensive understanding of the product and helps identify vendors that can deliver on both.

It's about empowering people to be more effective, even as their needs change over time. Since business value is a constantly evolving metric, solutions that only deliver a quick win and then stop are not likely to be successful in the long run. As Scott Peerbolte, our Sales Engineering Director for North America, said in his blog about assuring time to value:

A crucial part of this is knowledge transfer, taking time to ensure that we never leave our customers in the lurch. Why would we? If we don’t optimize our technology to deliver tangible results, or if you simply have a bad customer experience, that’s failure for us.

I’ll bet that most enterprise solution buyers would agree.

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Jasmine Noel

Jasmine Noel, Product Marketing & Sales Enablement
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